Power BI Error: The feed’s metadata document appears to be invalid

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Occasionally you’ll get this error when attempting to connect to a SharePoint OData feed in Power BI or Power Query:

Details: “OData: The feed’s metadata document appears to be invalid.”

You’ll usually get a similar error when you go to the metadata info URL in a browser:


The most common cause of this error is “bad” SharePoint list/library names. The two times I’ve run into this the cause was a list URL that started with an underscore, and a list that started with a number. Crazily enough, this totally breaks a site’s OData feed. Changing the list title in the list settings doesn’t fix it, either, you have to change the actual URL of the list.

How to Change a List URL in SharePoint Designer

Open up your site in SharePoint designer, then click the “All Files” link on the left and open the Lists folder. Then right click your list name and click “rename” to change the URL.


Libraries can be done similarly, though you can also change them through editing the folder name in Explorer view.

For me, I have to close Power BI and re-connect to the data feed after this – clicking the “retry” button doesn’t seem to do it.


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