How to Vertically Align List Item Text

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Have you ever noticed that when you add multiple lines of text columns to a list view that the formatting gets a little wonky? If you’d like to get your text all aligned and centered (say with photo thumbnails), paste this CSS into a hidden content editor web part on the page: <style> .ms-vb, .ms-vb2, .ms-vb-user, .ms-vb-tall, .ms-pb, .ms-pb-selected { … Read More

Color-Coding a SharePoint List Without Javascript

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I’ve tried following quite a few tutorials for color-coding that use Javascript (such as this one), but couldn’t get a single one to work in SharePoint Online. As a workaround, I made my own color-coding method using a concatenate formula in a calculated column. How it Works Calculated columns in SharePoint that have the type “number” can render HTML via a concatenate formula. … Read More

How to Delete a Delve Board

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At the time of this post, Delve boards are ridiculously annoying (nay impossible) to administer. They have no permissions on them, anyone in your tenant can create one, and they are all visible to all users. So what happens if someone creates an inappropriate one, or creates one with a misspelling? I created a test board to try Delve out … Read More

​How to Create a Survey in SharePoint

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The first step in creating a survey is to decide where your survey will live. The absolute best place for your survey is a location in which your target survey-takers have at least view access to; you’ll need to switch them to at least contribute permissions if they don’t already have it. Next, add the Survey app to your site in … Read More

Why SharePoint Doesn’t Suck

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I’ll be the first to admit that SharePoint isn’t perfect. SharePoint Online, however, is a total steal and well worth the price, especially in the O365 E3 bundle that comes with Microsoft Office and email service. Mentioning SharePoint gets an almost cliche reaction most of the time… typically an eye roll, a sigh, the “oh no it’s a Microsoft product” and … Read More