Creating a Copy of a Publishing Page in SharePoint (with Web Parts)

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Creating a copy of a publishing-type page in SharePoint with web parts intact is harder than it sounds. Here’s what doesn’t work (the page copies, but web parts don’t come with):

  1. Creating a copy of the page inside the library
  2. Using Explorer View to create a copy
  3. Exporting the page with SharePoint Designer, then importing it with a new name

What DOES work? SharePoint Designer and keyboard shortcuts.

There is no copy/paste option for pages in SharePoint Designer 2013 in the menu, but you can navigate to the Pages library via the All Files link, select the file, control + c to copy, then control + v to paste and it will duplicate the file with a (1) after it. You can then rename the file, and the web parts will all be present and functional.

Why would you need to do this? In this case, I was trying to create multiple search result pages with different filters pre-selected (you can do this without creating pages, but the URLs are horrendously long). You can also export all the web parts as templates and import them for use in other pages, but this is quite a bit faster.

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