Workaround for Transparent PNG Thumbnails in SharePoint Image Libraries

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PNG files with transparency display the transparent bits as black instead of transparent in SharePoint image libraries. Since it’s been this way for years now, it’s unlikely Microsoft will fix the issue. Here’s a hacky workaround for when you really need it (like… when you have an icon library with black icons with transparent backgrounds). Step 1 – Create Two … Read More

Creating a Copy of a Publishing Page in SharePoint (with Web Parts)

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Creating a copy of a publishing-type page in SharePoint with web parts intact is harder than it sounds. Here’s what doesn’t work (the page copies, but web parts don’t come with): Creating a copy of the page inside the library Using Explorer View to create a copy Exporting the page with SharePoint Designer, then importing it with a new name What DOES … Read More

Interacting with SharePoint Lists Using AngularJS

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angular js pagination sharepoint list

I’m a total beginner at Javascript and AngularJS, piecing together some tutorials from around the web to learn how things work… but this seemed kind of cool, so I wanted to document the process. The end goal is to strip away the SharePoint list view to access and manipulate the list (add/edit/remove list items, sort and filter) via AngularJS. You can do … Read More

Using SharePoint Search and Refiner Web Parts to Create a Custom Search Page

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Here’s an example of a custom search page this one has pre-filtered results (documents and pages where the column “Document Type” is “Training” or “Reference” tenant-wide) in a Search web part and a Refiner web part on the right. You can do a very similar display using a people search with profile property values used as refiners (to filter staff by … Read More

Fix: Some Users Not Displaying in People Results

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There’s a bug (as of 2015) in SharePoint that causes a percentage of users to not display in search results when searching by department/title or displaying a list of all users with the search part (*). In my case, I was trying to display staff in a specific department on a search results page, but was missing people (not always … Read More

Using Profile Field Values as Refiners – Mapping Crawled Properties to a Refinable Property

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Using your custom profile properties as refiners lets you filter your staff by anything you’re tracking (school, skills, etc) and lets helps people connect. In my environment, we have both “want to learn” and “professional skills” using the same managed metadata term set, meaning people with a certain skill set can filter people by what they want to learn and … Read More