Workaround for Transparent PNG Thumbnails in SharePoint Image Libraries

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PNG files with transparency display the transparent bits as black instead of transparent in SharePoint image libraries. Since it’s been this way for years now, it’s unlikely Microsoft will fix the issue. Here’s a hacky workaround for when you really need it (like… when you have an icon library with black icons with transparent backgrounds). Step 1 – Create Two … Read More

Using SharePoint Search and Refiner Web Parts to Create a Custom Search Page

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Here’s an example of a custom search page this one has pre-filtered results (documents and pages where the column “Document Type” is “Training” or “Reference” tenant-wide) in a Search web part and a Refiner web part on the right. You can do a very similar display using a people search with profile property values used as refiners (to filter staff by … Read More

Using Profile Field Values as Refiners – Mapping Crawled Properties to a Refinable Property

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Using your custom profile properties as refiners lets you filter your staff by anything you’re tracking (school, skills, etc) and lets helps people connect. In my environment, we have both “want to learn” and “professional skills” using the same managed metadata term set, meaning people with a certain skill set can filter people by what they want to learn and … Read More

Part 1 – Custom SharePoint User Profile Properties

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SharePoint profiles are a convenient and easy way to collect and manage data about your staff. The SharePoint profile comes with some basic default fields (previous companies, skills, etc), but you can also add custom properties in your SharePoint admin settings! For my custom properties, I have “Want to Learn” (to help people with skills connect with the people who … Read More

Displaying SharePoint Views with Content Search Parts

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SharePoint keeps track of the number of views for documents, sites, and pages, and you can display this information with Content Search Web Parts (CSWP). You can use the out-of-box “Two Lines” display template to display this, but that’ll just give you the document titles and a number for the page views (unlabeled). I created a display template based off … Read More

Uploading & Publishing a Display Template in SharePoint 2013/Online

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There’s a few ways to do this, I’ll explain the browser method since it doesn’t require additional application installation. Navigate to your site settings in your site collection root, then open “Master pages and page layouts.” From here, use the Files tab in the ribbon and click the “upload document” button. Upload your display template (it should be a .html … Read More

How to Create and Use a Document Template in SharePoint

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What are Document Templates? Content type templates allow you to designate a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel that uses columns from your document library inside the document. The template can include text, pictures, choices of snippets (called “Auto Text”), and fields. Examples of types of documents that would make a good template are most legal documents (vendor agreements, NDAs, etc), proposals, … Read More

How to Vertically Align List Item Text

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Have you ever noticed that when you add multiple lines of text columns to a list view that the formatting gets a little wonky? If you’d like to get your text all aligned and centered (say with photo thumbnails), paste this CSS into a hidden content editor web part on the page: <style> .ms-vb, .ms-vb2, .ms-vb-user, .ms-vb-tall, .ms-pb, .ms-pb-selected { … Read More